• Basic Tees
  • Flowy Slit Tanks
  • Racerback Tees
  • the letteRman
  • Joggers
  • Short Sleeve Hoodie
  • Crop Top Hoodie

Our apparel is bold and stands out when  you walk into the room. You are set aside from everyone else.

We provide the best quality products for the youth. We want them to be unique and standout. 

Our Apparel

We provide apparel for a new way of life and living. You will succeed in whatever you want to, you have the key.


Our Products:


"We all go through things in lyfe and sometimes hit rock bottom... When this happens we have to start over or Re-Up... Just becuz u fail doesn't mean you are a failure" -The RE-Up

N.A.P. Productions, ​Homes of the Re-Up Gear


Urban Clothing 

Our clothes are for  you, we provide everyday gear, athletic gear, night life gear. We can customize anything you want.

Let your presence be known with the Official Re-Up Gear.

A New Generation of Apparel